The performance of the company

Investor Relations .

Our strategic priorities are centred on three broad principles designed to create shareholder value: strength, growth, and expansion. 

The foundation of the strategy is managing the product portfolio to increase revenue in higher margin and strategically improve the products portfolio; protecting and enhancing Sierra brand; recruiting and developing top talent; continuously improving business processes through application of modern management principles, leveraging the technologies to improve the efficiency & reducing the cost and mitigate the environmental impact of the manufacturing.

To grow and expand the business, the organization has transformed itself from just a wire manufacturer to a complete cable and wire manufacturer with the international customer base. Further, the firm is pursuing organic and inorganic opportunities in fast-growing industries and regions beyond the Asian borders.

Additionally, through the market delivery system, we have identified the growing markets; improves channel and end customer relationships, and creates awareness for Sierra products via effective and targeted marketing campaigns.


Annual Report