All about Sierra

Sierra Cables PLC.

Sierra Cables PLC has now grown and expanded into one of the foremost companies in manufacturing industry specific wires and cables with the nation and international market presence.

As a subsidiary of Sierra Group – a conglomerate operation in diverse sectors of Sri Lanka, Sierra Cables has established a stronghold in Sri Lankan and the overseas marketplace as the complete and comprehensive wire and cable supplier for residential, commercial and industrial sectors during last few decades.

With an expansive product range, the company is undeniably a powerhouse in the local cable industry and has successfully ventured into the international wire and cable industry by establishing a state of the art manufacturing plants in Fiji and Kenya.



We transform knowledge and inventions into new services, products and processes. We ensure that our customers benefit from our innovation excellence.


We set ambitious goals and aspire to reach beyond the borders. We will continue to reinforce and recognize accomplishment and push ourselves even further to achieve our vision.


We demonstrate integrity by taking ownership for what is expected of us and full responsibility for actions. We conduct business in a safe and ethical manner, respecting the environment and supporting the communities in which we operate.


We promote trust and teamwork by initiating and supporting meaningful group projects, as well as by reinforcing and rewarding effective teamwork in action. At the same time, we encourage diverse input and contributions.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Quality & Growth Strategy.

With a strong commitment to quality, the raw materials we use in manufacturing our products are tested in our very own laboratory to make certain that they meet our superior quality standards. We also put our finished products through stringent quality tests to ensure that only the absolute highest quality products are allowed into the market. It is because of these strict quality management measures that we have been awarded ISO 9001 as well as SLS certifications.

With our unparalleled drive in research and development, logistical capabilities, engineering and manufacturing operations we manufacture the broadest product range in the industry. Working synergistically with the parent company, the organization has opened up the opportunities of serving our mutual clients with our collaborative excellence.

To continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our products performance and thus be the cable manufacturer of choice in the region.
Achieve a continuous growth to enhance the stake holder’s value while offering a high quality product.

Become a reputed organization by promoting sustainable development. Uplift the living standards of Sierra Cable family.

The Driving Force of The Excellence

Our Staff.

We are supported by a team of diligent professionals for carrying all our business activities. The professionals working with us enable in the undertaking as well as completing the challenging targets with efficiency and excellence. Our experts work in close coordination with each other as well as with the customers to provide them products as per their requirements.

We recognize that our employees are the company’s most valuable asset. We for our part attached the greatest importance to the maintenance of the highest standards of health, safety and welfare of our employees. And we facilitate opportunities for continuing professional growth and skill refinement.

Leadership of Sierra


Mr. W.D.C.H Jayatunga
Chief Executive Officer


Mr. W.A.P Perera
Mr. D.S Panditha
Ms. E.A.D.T.A.Perera
Ms. G.S.M Irugalbandara
Prof. A.K.W Jayawardane
Mr. B.W.N Rupasinghe
Mr. P.E.A.B. Perera
Ms. S.N Lokuge
Chairman/Non-Executive Director
Executive Director
Non Executive Director
Non Executive Director
Non Executive Independent Director
Non Executive Independent Director
Non Executive Independent Director
Non Executive Director
Quality from the Ground Up


The quality of cables depends on the materials used in cable manufacturing. As a leading cable manufacturer in the country we use raw materials of very high purity from the reputed international suppliers.

We consider our suppliers to be an integral part of our manufacturing operations and therefore expect our suppliers to meet or exceed established performance targets for sourced materials and services.